Dexter Grassfed Beef

We love our Dexters!

Originally from Ireland, these cows are gentle, do very well on our pasture (and the lawn sometimes) and are generally a pleasure to have around.  The cows calve with ease, and it's so much fun to wake up to a baby nursing in the field or the barn  without any need to call the vet or pull a calf.

Some fun facts about Dexters.

* Dexter Cattle are the smallest purebred cattle breed in the world.

* Dexter Cattle are naturally horned or polled, and although many owners choose to de-horn we do not, as our cows use their horns very well as protection against predators.

* Dexter cows can continue to calve into their 20's. 

* Dexter Cattle eat about half as much as larger breeds of cattle.

*Dexter Cattle do very well on straight pasture in the summer and straight hay in the winter.  None of our cattle are grain fed. - It's only grass around here.



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