Berkshire Pork

Additional Information

All of our pigs are born here on the farm.  This allows us to know from day one how its been treated and raised. 

Berkshire pigs are hardy, have good mothering  capabilities and perform very well outdoors, especially when grazing on pasture

While we have many shelters in the pig pastures (including a repurposed trampoline as a rain break), it is not uncommon for one of our sows to decide to go off into the brush and have her piglets outside in the warm summer air.  In the winter the pigs are moved closer to the house to the winter pasture for ease of water and food.  

During the growing months the pigs live almost entirely on pasture.  While this may take them a little longer to get to weight; it's a more natural diet and that's important to us.  In the winter we feed them fodder that we are growing here on the farm.  This is a 7 day growing cycle of barley, peas, and sunflower seeds.  

 The Berkshire pork is prized for juiciness, flavor and tenderness, and is darker than commercial pork and far more flavourful.  The meat is rich in high fat content  which makes it very suitable for long cooking and high-temperature  cooking. 




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